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Krapf School Bus: The Leader in Outsourced Student Transportation

When it comes to student transportation outsourcing services, Krapf School Bus has been a trusted and valued partner since our inception. In fact, we continue to serve the first two school districts we contracted with when we started to transport students in 1942.

More than 70 years later, we continue to meet the needs of school district administrators, students, parents and the communities we serve.

By allowing us to provide premier school transportation services – accenting student safety, on-time performance, student discipline, prompt problem-solving, professional job performance and total accountability – you are free to focus on your mission of providing educational excellence.

Now in our third generation of family leadership, Krapf School Bus embraces the same fundamental values we established more than 70 years ago: well-trained, professional drivers, an unsurpassed school bus safety program, an aggressive preventive fleet maintenance plan, a real concern for each and every student, and a total commitment to customer service, marked by the highest level of responsiveness.

Our relationships are true partnerships, with a member of the Krapf family always available to address any issues or concerns that you may face. In fact, “Customer Focus” is central to everything we do. Through continuous communication with site principals, transportation directors, business managers, superintendents and board members, we minimize problems while maximizing safety, reliability and peace of mind!

Why Partner?

Student Transportation Outsourcing to Krapf Delivers Substantial Cost Savings While Reducing Headaches

Outsourcing student transportation is becoming increasingly popular as more and more school districts seek new ways to stretch constricted budgets.

Why? Partnering with Krapf School Bus provides the rare win-win. School districts realize substantial cost savings, reduced administrative time, greater efficiency and increased flexibility to respond to the changing needs of their communities.

Student and parent benefits, meanwhile, include an updated bus fleet, an improved maintenance program, and an unsurpassed commitment to school bus safety.

Additionally, contracting provides excellent cost containment, and more consistent and more manageable long-term budgeting.

And Krapf School Bus gets to do what it does best: provide save, timely, professional transportation to and from school, freeing you to concentrate on educating your students to the highest possible degree.

Partnering FAQs

 Why It Makes Sense to Contract with Krapf School Bus

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about partnering with Krapf School Bus for transportation services. Click on the questions that are of interest to you. Please contact us if you have additional questions.

Can I contract with Krapf School Bus for only part of our transportation services?

Yes. Many larger districts and organizations contract a portion of their transportation services in order to have a yardstick by which to measure their own costs. Because Krapf School Bus has extensive experience in transportation of special needs passengers, pre-school children, and the developmentally challenged, we have been chosen to provide only the special needs transportation for some of our clients. Also, some aspects of the total service package have been handled by the school district. Routing is an example of one of the service elements that can be performed by either Krapf or the district.

How can Krapf School Bus help a small or rural district or board?

Often small districts can benefit the most from using Krapf School Bus. We provide these districts and boards with many advantages, including comprehensive preventive maintenance, excellent safety programs, and much more. By using Krapf School Bus, the cost savings alone can be considerable, not to mention the gains in efficiency and community satisfaction.

How can Krapf School Bus reduce our costs and still earn a profit?

Student transportation has been our primary focus for over 70 years. Through years of experience, economies of scale, comprehensive preventive maintenance, the use of newer buses, and constant innovation in operating methods, Krapf School Bus can reduce transportation costs and still remain profitable. Krapf School Bus will manage your transportation operations with the same enthusiasm and care with which your district educates students and provides for its consumers.

Does contract transportation service need to be competitively bid?

Whether contract transportation service requires a competitive bidding process varies from state to state and even from region to region. In many areas, however, a competitive bid is not required. Rather, the board may solicit one or more proposals and decide which provider offers the best service package, taking into consideration price, past performance, experience, quality and customer references. The proposal process allows the board the maximum discretion in choosing a transportation provider with cost being only one of several factors to be considered. As in many cases, services provided at the lowest cost are not usually provided with the highest quality.

How do I determine how much our district or board really spends on transportation?

Determining your real transportation expense is not as easy as examining your district transportation budget. Many districts do not account for depreciation of their buses and facilities or the costs of shared administrative positions or utilities. In addition, there are the capital and repair expenses of facilities, computers, radios, and other equipment, plus expenses associated with pool-based benefits, such as worker’s compensation, healthcare coverage, and liability insurance. Krapf School Bus has a thorough process by which we work with the district or board to identify its total current transportation cost. Our study also examines the district or board’s transportation reimbursement.

How do I maintain control and enhance quality by partnering with Krapf School Bus?

It all comes down to the rules of the marketplace. Competition demands that Krapf School Bus continuously respond to your needs, because if we don’t, you will find another provider who will. This has been our business for over 70 years and we are highly motivated to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied. Krapf School Bus is very agile and can deal quickly and fairly with the challenging operating issues that transportation offices encounter. Krapf School Bus also can quickly add or modify routes, as well as provide extracurricular transportation to respond to the changing needs of your district or board. Our emphasis on service excellence and customer responsiveness ensures that our customers retain full control in achieving their transportation objectives.

If I contract with Krapf School Bus, what happens to our current employees?

In most cases, most if not all existing employees are offered employment at comparable wages and benefits. Krapf rigorously adheres to its own standards for safety and customer service as well as state driver qualifications and background check requirements.

If I contract with Krapf School Bus, what happens to our current fleet of buses?

There are a number of options available. In most cases, Krapf School Bus would purchase the existing fleet, providing you with additional funds to invest elsewhere. Another option would be when a school district or organization contracts with Krapf School Bus, the board continues ownership of the existing buses and Krapf School Bus provides for new model-year vehicle purchases. One of the advantages of contracting with Krapf School Bus is that we can update your fleet immediately, eliminating the need of the district to make the large capital investment in equipment. Any buses placed into service by Krapf School Bus will always be made available to the board for repurchase at the depreciated value should it wish to resume providing its own service.

If I contract with Krapf School Bus, what happens to our existing transportation facility?

Most often, Krapf School Bus will continue to operate from the board’s facility and lease it from the board. If the facility needs to be upgraded or expanded, this can be included in the Krapf School Bus proposal. Also, Krapf School Bus usually purchases the existing inventory.

In what areas can Krapf School Bus help school districts and organizations save money?

With Krapf School Bus, school districts and organizations can realize savings in many areas of operation. For example, Krapf School Bus provides an extensive preventive vehicle maintenance program, operates newer, more efficient vehicles, provides outstanding safety training, and conducts ongoing route review to assure optimal responsiveness and efficiency. Our expertise, including the services of our management staff and drivers, often can be shared among several districts or organizations, thus further reducing costs. Also, Krapf School Bus often can help districts increase their state reimbursement through efficiency improvements in routing.

Why do school districts and organizations contract their bus service?

School districts and organizations who contract with Krapf School Bus often can realize substantial cost savings, reduced administrative time, enhancements in school bus safety and training programs, and greater efficiency. Other benefits include an updated bus fleet and an improved maintenance program, as well as increased control and flexibility to respond to the changing needs of their communities. Additionally, contracting provides excellent cost containment and more consistent longer term budgeting.

Why would I want to partner with Krapf School Bus if our transportation system already runs well?

You may want to consider partnering with Krapf School Bus in order to reduce costs, increase flexibility, and reduce the fragmented priorities of your district or board’s administrative staff. When your district or board partners with Krapf School Bus, the administrative staff can concentrate on education and employment options, knowing that transportation is expertly and professionally handled.

Will our district or board state reimbursement change if we partner with Krapf School Bus?

In most states, the reimbursement your district or board receives will not decrease under any circumstances. Krapf School Bus will review the current reimbursement application and work to maximize the revenue to the district or board through efficient routing. Typically, districts and boards who contract for their transportation services receive their special needs and parochial/private capital assistance in a different, more advantageous form. Reimbursement received is applied to Krapf School Bus invoices.

Partnering Facts

When It Comes to Transportation Outsourcing, the Facts Speak for Themselves

FACT – All of Krapf School Bus drivers must meet the same state and federal licensing standards.

FACT – Most states have minimum training standards and curriculum. As your private contractor, Krapf School Bus will exceed minimum standards. Since we operate in many states, we use the highest standards required for all states. And we're not satisfied to simply meet minimums, although many school districts do the minimum “required only” training due to limited resources.

FACT – Districts that have privatized their transportation operations have saved millions of dollars in a single school year alone. These savings are compounded year after year. Saved dollars have allowed districts to enhance their educational programs and helped to avoid teacher layoffs. At Krapf School Bus, we're proud of this.

FACT – Even though we're a private contractor, we hire local residents and existing local district school bus drivers – people who pay taxes and often have children attending local schools. Your district and our drivers have the same goal: to transport the children of the district safely each day. And more often than not, your district's drivers become Krapf School Bus drivers!

FACT – Private contractor and district school buses must meet the same maintenance standards set by their states. As a quality private contractor, Krapf School Bus sets the highest preventative vehicle maintenance standards for their fleets.

FACT – As a private contractor, Krapf School Bus must provide services based on the standards set by the District in the contract agreement. District administration no longer has primary responsibility for the school bus driver. However, provisions are often set in the contract that allow the District to request the removal of a driver from their District at any time for a justifiable reason.

FACT – As a private contractor, Krapf Bus Company experiences cost savings through economies of scale, process discipline and operational efficiencies, while operating less expensively than a district operation.

For answers to some of your questions about partnering with Krapf School Bus, see FAQs above.

For more information about partnering with Krapf School Bus, contact us.