Working For Krapf School Bus

Join the Krapf Family of Employees…You Can Earn Income and Still Find Time to Be with Your Family!

We know that driving a school bus takes a special kind of person – a person who cares about others, and most of all, a person who knows they can make a difference.

  • Be with children and create a positive environment
  • Work mornings and afternoons with plenty of time in between
  • Save on child care with our take-your-child-to-work option
  • Be home during summers, holidays and school holidays

Don’t be nervous! We have been training women and men to drive a school bus for over 70 years! School buses have tremendous vantage points with clear, unobstructed vision; they handle extremely well in all weather conditions; they are one of the safest vehicles on the road; and they all have automatic transmissions. You will grow to feel more comfortable driving your school bus than driving your personal vehicle!

Our driver training program is designed to equip qualified candidates with the skills necessary to become excellent school bus drivers.

Our certified trainers ensure that driver candidates are comfortable behind the wheel of a full-size bus and can skillfully and safely maneuver in all traffic conditions and road environments before sending trainees for their skills tests, even if it means spending more than the required training time. Our focus is on preparing candidates as well as we can, not as fast as we can. Once your training is completed, you will proudly join the elite group of the most highly trained drivers on the road – the school bus drivers – professional drivers, making a difference!

To apply, see “Apply Today” above, then click on the division in the region in which you'd like to drive.

Krapf School Bus is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Employment Qualifiers

Krapf Offers Much More, Too

As a Krapf School Bus driver, you also benefit from the following:

  • Competitive wages
  • Complete specialized training
  • The same days off as your children (if you drive in the same district)
  • The ability (in many districts/locations) to bring your infants, toddlers and pre-school aged children on the bus with you
  • Summers off! Or the option to work, if you prefer
  • The advantage of staying at home with your school aged children during the summer months and filing for unemployment for extra income, while not having to pay someone to care for your kids
  • The opportunity to be involved with your children and to know their friends
  • Many drivers fit their driving responsibilities around other part-time jobs
  • Ongoing license renewal while employed with Krapf's

There are a number of federal requirements to become a school bus driver. We at Krapf School Bus embrace these requirements and include a number of our own requirements to ensure all our employees are the best fit possible for the “special cargo” that we transport:

  • A complete inquiry with the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • A pre-employment drug test and physical exam
  • A Child Abuse Clearance
  • A State Criminal History Check and FBI national fingerprinting

Immediate disqualifiers for potential Krapf School Bus drivers:

  • You do not possess valid driver’s license or your license was suspended in the last year for any reason
  • You are under 18 years of age (Pennsylvania – School Bus Divisions and Virginia), or under 21 years old (Delaware)
  • Have had a DUI within the last 10 years or two DUIs over driving history
  • Any felony conviction

Also maintenance, administrative and other opportunities to join the Krapf family of employees…

Krapf School Bus is always looking for good people to make our company better. While we consistently recruit for drivers we are often seeking positive, dedicated individuals for administrative, general maintenance and technician (mechanic) positions. We offer a friendly workplace in a family atmosphere.