Why Charter?

Why Charter? Five Good Reasons.

Motor coaches are safe. The bureau of transportation reports that buses are twice as safe as flying and 46 times safer than driving an automobile.

School Busses reach more destinations. Buses take you right to the doorstep of your destination. Planes and trains only take you to the nearest stop.

School Busses allow mobility. Once you’ve reached your destination, the motorcoach is available to taxi your group around for the entire day.

School Busses are the most fuel efficient. Motor Coaches only use 797 BTU’s per passenger mile compared to using 4847, trains using 2450 and autos using 3639 according to the US Department of Transportation energy book data, 1999 (Bureau of transportation statistics, center for transportation analysis).

School Busses are better for the environment. Because of their fuel efficiency, buses are better for the environment than most other alternatives.

Group Charters

If you get your group together, Krapf’s can assist you in getting there! From Broadway to Washington, DC, from Nashville to Branson, from Boston to Miami, just give us a call! We’ll get you on the road in style!