School Divisions

Founded in 1942, Krapf School Bus has slowly and deliberately grown to where it now transports 95,000 students a day in three states.

We provide those student transportation services through six separate divisions, all driven by the Pillars of Operations Excellence that form the foundation of Krapf excellence.

Company History – An American Success Story

How Krapf Became One of the Most Trusted Names in Transportation

It is a story as American as apple pie and Main Street parades.

The year was 1942. A local school district, needing someone to transport students to its high school, turned to George Krapf, Jr., owner of the local gas station and a highly regarded mechanic, but, more importantly, one of the community’s most respected leaders.

George accepted the offer and set about stripping two dump trucks down to their frames and driver’s seats. He and a companion drove the “vehicles” to Mitchell, IN, where bus bodies were applied to the frames, and then drove them back to Pennsylvania.

For all intents and purposes, George Krapf, Jr. & Sons, Inc. was born.

That first school district – now known as Downingtown Area School District – remains a customer of Krapf School Bus to this day. As a matter of fact, so does the second district George soon contracted with – Twin Valley.

Together with his wife and co-founder Eleanor “Grammie” Krapf, who would become the second woman in Pennsylvania to drive a school bus, the Krapfs took the wheel of what has become a remarkable success story.

More than 70 years later, a third generation of Krapf family members is helping to drive an enterprise that operates more than 1,300 school buses in three states, and safely transports more than 95,000 students – including thousands of special needs children – each day during the school year. That equates to more than 20 million miles annually!

And just as important to the Krapf family is the fact that the company also boasts second and third generation employees in what is truly a family-friendly environment.

Why Krapf?

Krapf School Bus is one of the most trusted families in student transportation. Three generations of Krapf family members have worked to provide school bus transportation services – often including special needs transportation – in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia.

After more than 70 years, Krapf School Bus has become one of the largest family owned school bus contractors in the nation. That “family” approach extends to our associates, as reflected in our many second- and third-generation employees, as well as to our school district partners.

And while we’re literally one of thousands of mom ’n pop school bus contractors in the U.S., we are also large enough and professional enough to provide the confidence and comfort you want, while maintaining the small-company intimacy that allows you to pick up the phone and speak to an owner as the need arises.

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Krapf School Bus in motion


When it comes to student transportation outsourcing services, Krapf School Bus has been a trusted and valued partner since our inception. In fact, we continue to serve the first two school districts we contracted with when we first started to transfer students back in 1942.

More than 70 years later, we continue to meet the needs of school district administrators, students, parents and the communities we serve.

By allowing us to provide premier school transportation services – accenting student safety, on-time performance, student discipline, prompt problem-solving, professional job performance and total accountability – you are free to focus on your mission of providing educational excellence.

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The Krapf family commitment to safety starts in our Chairman’s office and suffuses the entire company, from bus drivers, attendants and dispatchers, to mechanics, customer service personnel, trainers and managers.

Our bus driver recruitment, selection and training are designed to attract qualified candidates from the local area and provide them with the skills they need to become the best drivers. Our ongoing safety classes, specialized training, annual evaluations and safety monitoring make sure drivers continue to excel throughout their tenure with us.

Our school bus driver trainers include scores of individuals trained in the Smith System, the world’s leading provider of driver improvement education and collision avoidance skills. Other Krapf staff members are state-certified CDL examiners – in fact, Krapf is a CDL Third Party Tester under contract with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

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